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Our Founder's Story

Allena Kim

Champkids founder Allena Kim is 16 years old and currently in the 11th grade at Roslyn High School. Allena was never really good at any sports, spending most of her childhood trying to fit in with her friends who were always competing in tennis and basketball tournaments. After a while of trial and error, she realized that there was no competitive outlet for kids like her who were not gifted with an athletic talent, but instead with the ability to create competitive art pieces. They never had the chance to compete like all the other kids in sports competitions.  

When Allena was just 5 years old, she entered a mail-in coloring contest to win a $25 gift card for her favorite toy store. She completed a beautiful coloring piece and mailed it to the sponsoring company. But days and months went by and the winner of the competition was never announced. It was from this experience that lead to her to creating Champkids, where talented young artists are able to gather for live art competition events. They can experience live judging and an exciting award ceremony to celebrate their creative efforts together, without any anticipation. Now the newest generation of budding artists has a rewarding outlet for their talents. 

Our Mission


Developing inner champions in every child. 

Champkids encourages children and teens to develop their inner champion. Among kids’ competitions, Champkids is uniquely focused on art and creativity. Studies show that art raises test scores, trains attention spans, and improves cognition. Champkids’ art contests are exciting and a rewarding way to grow.


Each event is organized by high school student volunteers as part of our community service. The registration fee collected is used towards purchasing materials for the art contest and we donate 100% of the remaining proceeds to charity. In the past we have donated and supported Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Long Island and Save the Children. 

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